Octopus Facts

Photo by Pia on Pexels.com

You think you know
a thing or two about octopuses?

Octopuses are molluscs – they are soft and have no bones. There are over 200 species of octopuses and all of them live in oceans around the world.

To protect themselves, they change colour (in just three-tenths of a second) and shape and shoot ink. They have 3 hearts and their blood is blue in colour.

They are extremely intelligent and they have a very big brain and it’s everywhere, even in their arms! They are so smart that they can solve puzzles and even use tools! Did you know that an octopus can open a bottle?!

If they lose an arm, it grows back again!
They can see with their skin.
Octopuses lay eggs (up to 150 000 in a week) and can live from few months to few years.

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