The Incredible DOLPHIN

Exercise 1: Reading Comprehension
Choose the best answer for each question.

1. What does the reading NOT mention?
how dolphins move quickly through the water
how dolphins play games and have fun
how dolphins communicate with each other
how dolphins work together as a team
2. Where does a dolphin get its “name”?
It chooses it for itself.
No one knows.
It gets it from its mother.
It gets it from scientists.
3. Which sentence about dolphin language is TRUE?
Dolphins “talk” to each other about many things.
Dolphin conversation is easy for humans to understand.
Dolphins whistle, but they don’t use body language.
Dolphins don’t “talk” about their feelings.
4. Which sentence about dolphins and humans is NOT true?
Dolphins and humans use their brains in the same way.
Dolphins and humans play games in groups.
Dolphins and humans communicate their feelings to each other.
Dolphins and humans plan ways to do things.

Exercises: Vocabulary