Quick Questions: could | might | may HAVE

Read the following
dialogue and
choose the correct
answer below.

– Who sent these flowers?
– I’m not sure. It ………… your mother.

a) could have been
b) might have been
c) may have been

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All three are possible!

To say that it is possible that something happened or was true in the past, we can use may/might have + past participle.

• Polly’s very late. ~ She may have missed her train. (= it is possible that she missed the train)

• What was that noise? ~ It might have been a cat.

However, although “might have” and “may have” are used interchangeably, a number of people find “may have” incorrect if we know that something was possible, but actually did not happen.

• You were stupid to try climbing up there. You might have killed yourself.

• The draw against Italy might have been a turning point, but it didn’t turn out like that.

May/might have … Can sometimes refer to the present or future.

• I’ll try phoning him, but he may have gone out by now.

• By the end of this year I might have saved some money.