You don’t see bats in the morning or afternoon.

Bats fly and look for their food at night. Some people think bats are birds but that’s wrong.

A lot of bats like eating flies and spiders.
Some bats like eating fruit but baby bats drink milk.
They get their milk from their mothers.
Bats have very big ears!

Why bats are great!

The little brown bat from North America can eat more than 1,200 mosquitoes in one hour

Bats have special cells in their ears that make them extremely sensitive to noise. The hearing ability of some bats is so strong they can detect the sound of a beetle walking on a leaf.

Bats have thumbs! Shaped like hooks.

Bats hang out in groups called colonies. In the summer, Bracken Cave in New Braunfels, Texas, is home to a colony of more than 20 million free-tailed bats.

Bats sleep hanging upside down.