A giraffe is the tallest animal in the world. It has a long neck, four long legs and a small tail. It lives in the savannas of Africa.

A giraffe’s legs are taller than a human! Every giraffe has different spots – like human fingerprints.

Giraffes don’t drink water every day. They get water from the food they eat. Giraffes are herbivores – they eat plants.

Giraffes are friendly and live in groups called towers.

savanna: area covered with grass
herbivore: an
animal that doesn’t eat meat
plant: fruit, vegetables, grass, leaves, trees
hour: 60 minutes
tower: a tall structure
fingerprint: what
people have on their fingers
stand up: the opposite of sit down

Giraffes in numbers:

They sleep for 5 hours every day. They sleep standing up!
A giraffe can live up to 25 years.
A giraffe can eat 45 kilograms of food every day!
A giraffe can be 5 metres tall!
A giraffe’s tongue is 50 centimetres long!

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