Can you give MEPUSH?

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Perry Parsnipp and his wife Patty were awakened at 3 a.m. by someone pounding on their front door.

Perry got up, grumbling, and hurried downstairs. When he opened the door, he found a drunken stranger standing on the front steps in the pouring rain.

Shay, buddy, can you give me a push?” slurred the drunk.
“Not a chance!” yelled Perry over the sound of the rain. “It’s three o’clock in the morning! Get lost!”

Perry slammed the door and went back to bed.

“Who was it?” asked Patty.
“Some drunk asking for a push,” Perry replied.
“Did you help him?” Patty asked.
“No, I didn’t help him! It’s three in the morning and raining like hell!”
“Well, I’m disappointed in you,” said Patty. “Remember when our car broke down while we were on vacation and those two guys helped us? Didn’t you appreciate that? The world is in a sorry state because too few people are willing to give a helping hand to someone in need.”

awaken: wake someone up
pound: knock (on the door) really hard
grumble: complain
slur: speak unclearly
yell: shout
shay, yesh: say, yess (the man was drunk)
slam the door: close the door with a really loud noise
break down: stop functioning
appreciate: understand how good someone was good to you
in a sorry state: not in a good condition
willing: want to do something
guilty: when you do something wrong
fella: fellow, man

“When you’re right, you’re right,” said Perry. “Now I feel guilty.”

So, he got dressed and went out into the rain.

“Hello, fella,”he called into the dark. “Are you still out there?”
Yesh,” came the answer. “Are ya gonna give me a push?”
“Where are you?” Perry called.
The drunk answered, “I’m over here on the swing!”

After you read

Answer the questions:

Why did Parry grumbled when he got up?

1 What’s the difference between: “knock at the door” and “pound at the door”?
2 What happened to Parry and his wife on their vacation?
3 Why is the world “in a sorry state” according to Parry’s wife?
4 Why did the man slur the words “can you give me a push”?
5 How do we know that Parry’s bedroom is on the first floor?
6 Why did Parry grumble when he got up?