The GIRL on the TENTH floor

A little girl lives with her family on the tenth floor. 

Every morning she goes down to the ground floor. She does not walk down, she goes down in the lift. Then she goes to school. She comes back from school in the afternoon and she gets into the lift on the ground floor. She goes up in the lift but she stops at the ninth floor. She gets out and walks up to the tenth floor. Why does she walk from the ninth floor?

Can you guess the answer? 

Unscramble the sentences to find out why she has to stop at the ninth floor:
numbers is she short, so can’t upper very reach She the elevator. can why she go That’s the way all but, floor only the to down ninth.

Did you understand the text?

Do the quiz and find out!

(1) The girl’s ….. is on the tenth floor.

(2) In the morning she uses ….. .
the lift
the stairs
the lift and the stairs

(3) In the afternoon she uses ….. .
the lift and the stairs
the stairs
the lift

(4) She walks ….. .
up from the ninth floor
down from the tenth floor
up from the ground floor


Present simple for:
(1) Routines
She usually gets up at 7 o’clock.
I always go to school in the morning.
Mike doesn’t work on weekends.

(2) Facts
Elephants don’t eat meat.
A giraffe doesn’t fly.
A cow gives milk.

(3) With: love, hate, like, dislike, know, understand
I like oranges, but I hate apples.
Sue loves comedies, but she hates horror films.
Sorry, I don’t know the answer.
Peter is the best, he knows everything!
My teacher doesn’t like football, she thinks it’s stupid.

Short answers: QUIZ

(1) Does the girl live on the first floor?
No, she doesn’t.
No, she does.
No, she don’t.

(2) Is she tall?
No, she isn’t.
No, she is.
No, she not tall.

(3)Does she go to school in the morning?
Yes, she does.
Yes, she goes.
Yes, she do.

(4) Does she live in the house?
No, she doesn’t.
No, she don’t.
No, she not lives.


Ordinal Numbers: 1 – 1. (first. 1st)