What will…?

Read and complete the joke:

A middle-aged woman goes to visit a fortune teller.
“I see only good for you,” says the fortune-teller. “You will meet a tall dark handsome stranger who will sweep you off your feet and make you incredibly happy”.
“That’s great” says the woman, “just one question though…

What did the woman say?
(1) Choose the correct answer.
what’ll happen to my husband?
will he marry me?
when will it happen?

How much do you understand?

Do the QUiZ and find OUT!

(1) If you are a middle-aged person you are…
between 40 and 60
between 30 and 45
between 60 and 80

(2) What does a fortune-teller do?
He/She tells you what is going to happen.
He/She tells you what happened.
He/She tells you what’s happening.

(3) If someone sweeps you off your feet…
they cause you to quickly and completely fall in love with them
you cause them to quickly and completely fall in love with you
they cause you to fall down

(4) If you are INCREDIBLY happy, you are…
so happy you can’t believe it’s true
only dreaming that you are happy
happy because you’ve done something great