Facts on Elephants

An Elephant is the biggest land animal.

There are two different kinds of elephants: the African elephant and the Asian elephant. African elephants are a little bit bigger than their Asian brothers and sisters.
Elephants are intelligent, and have different personalities, just like us!

land: the part of our planet that is not covered with water
female: woman, girl
male: man, boy
kind: sort, type
adult: not a child any more
follow: go after someone
incredible, amazing: fantastic, great, wonderful
greet: say hello to someone
recognise: identify, know who someone is
tusks: an elephant’s teeth
flap: move up and down

Grammar: Comparison (short adjectives)

1. Which animal is bigger – a shark or a cow?
2. Which vehicle is faster – a bike or a motorbike?
3. Who is taller – you or your father?
4. Which animal is dirtier – a hippo or a cat?
5. What is cheaper – a car or a flat screen TV?
6. Which is the biggest sea animal?
7. Which is the happiest nation in the world?
8. Which is the dirtiest city in the world?
9. Which is the laziest animal in the world?
10. Which is the fastest land animal?

Elephants live in family groups. All the babies and females (cows) follow the oldest female elephant. The adult males (bulls) live alone.

Elephants eat leaves, grass and tree barks. They can spend up to 16 hours a day looking for food.

Elephants can cry, laugh, have incredible memories, and are very intelligent. For example, they can recognize themselves in the mirror. Just few animals are able to do that.

The most amazing thing about the elephant is its long nose – a trunk. Elephants use the trunk to eat, drink, touch and greet each other, and grab small things.

Asian elephants have smaller ears and tusks than African elephants. The ears of the African elephant are about 1,5 m long. The elephants flap their big ears to cool themselves.

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