All about Robin

Do you know the story of Robin Hood? He stole the money from the rich and gave it to the poor.

There are lots of books, TV shows and films about Robin Hood. The stories are set about 800 years ago. Could these tales be true, or is Robin Hood just a legend?

Different stories tell us different things about Robin Hood.

Some stories say he started off as a rich man. But then Prince John stole  his land, so Robin went to Sherwood Forest, near the city of Nottingham.

Irregular Verbs:
All three forms the same

put – put – put
cut – cut – cut
shut – shut- shut
set – set – set
bet – bet – bet
let – let – let
hit – hit – hit
cost – cost – cost


There really is a place called: Sherwood Forest. If you are thinking of going there, make sure you stop by The Major Oak, the giant tree nobody knows the exact age of. What we do know is that it’s been standing here for anywhere between 800 – 1100 years.

Robin the Outlaw

Sherwood Forest was a royal forest, and all the deer in the forest were the king’s. But Robin broke the law! He hunted and ate the deer. Robin made people stop as they went into the forest. If they were  rich, he stole their money and  gave it to poor people.

Meet the Guy

The stories tell us that Robin  Hood always wore green clothes. He always had a hunting horn and a bow and arrow. Robin was brave and very crafty. He got into a lot of fights, but he did not always win!

Robin sometimes went into Nottingham in secret, to take part in archery contests. He always got the first prize, because he was an extremely skilful archer. Now and then, he was spotted, arrested by the Sheriff’s men an thrown into prison. But he wouldn’t stay there for long, because he had a lot of people to get him out.

The Merry Men

Robin’s followers were called the Merry Men.

The Merry Men

Robin’s followers were called the Merry Men. Whenever he needed help, he blew his horn three times and his men would come to help him, or sometimes, rescue him.

Among others, those were Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet and Maid Marian.

The Enemy

Robin Hood had an enemy.

His name was the Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Sheriff wanted to catch Robin — dead or alive! Luckily, Robin always beat the wicked Sheriff. Sometimes, he even got the Sheriff’s gold!

Some stories say that the Sheriff was so powerful that he even wanted the crown.


The Sheriff was the most important person in Nottingham.

How does the story end?

At the end of his life, when Robin Hood was very old, he shot an arrow out of his window. His grave was dug where the arrow fell.

The legend says that his last words were

“Bury me where my arrow falls”.

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