Our Funny House

Hi, my name is Mark and I live in a very big house, with my mum, dad, grandma, grandpa and my little sister, Lucy.

Our home is really funny!


The window is under the cupboard. The radio is in my mum’s old pink hat. There are two mice and the cat is sleeping on the shelf…in our…


Where’s grandma?

Oh, she is sleeping in the bath…


Look, she is behind the door and five ducks are there with her, taking a bath. There are four boats on the floor and…

can you see the mouse?

Look at our sitting room!

The lizard is under the TV. There are nine balloons on Dad’s armchair.

And where is our baby hippo?

Oh, he’s under the table.

And again, can you see THAT mouse?

Our dining room is very interesting.

There is a big tree in on the wall. And a tennis racquet, a football and a hammer.

And where are grandpa’s teeth?

On the table, of course!

And again, there is a mouse and it’s eating.

Look at my bedroom!

My lamp is in front of 6 boxes. There are 11 books on my head. One green snake is sleeping on my computer.

And how many shoes are there under the bed?

12, of course!

And the mouse? It’s looking at me.

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