Me “not” Cookie Monster

Agate is a volcanic rock that can consist of a number of different colours. You never know what you’ll se when you crack it open, so imagine the surprise, when this one turned into…

Cookie Monster!

From the outside, this rock from Brazil didn’t look like anything special. It was bumpy, white, and shaped like an egg. Inside it held a gemstone called agate.

Agates form in bubbles in volcanic rocks. They often have colourful layers that can look like lace, ribbons, or even moss.

But when this agate was cut open, it revealed a surprise—it looked exactly like the Muppet Cookie Monster. A a collector in California bought the Cookie Monster rock and when he posted a picture of it on Facebook, it quickly became famous. For now, its owner is keeping it, but someday you
might be able to visit it in a museum.

This was not the first famous agate – check the gallery for some more.